Dear Vaulters, Welcome to 2024. I hope that this is going to be a good year for all our vaulters. Gauteng this weekend (27 January 2024) hosted the first graded selection show at Kyalami Park Club. The next event will be in KwaZulu Natal on 17 February 2024. Good luckContinue Reading

The VASA online system will be offline during Monday 13 June 2022 while we complete the migration to a new server. The login buttons have been disabled for now. We will put up a notice once the system migration is complete.Continue Reading

The CVI 1* will be held on 30 April 2022 at Equidome, Kyalami. Gauteng Vaulting is excited to host this 1* Event. Please contact Michelle Blaauw ( for further information. Follow this link for the entry form. The approved Schedule can be viewed here.Continue Reading

Gauteng Vaulting (together with VASA) is excited to announce that the Group IX Africa Vaulting Cup will be held in Kyalami from 27 April to 1 May 2022. There is an exciting array of activities for our vaulters, coaches and officials prior to the show. For those vaulters who wantContinue Reading

During 2021 the Technical Committee put forward various rule changes to the vaulting coaches. These changes – for the most part – sought to update the Compulsory exercises for D Grade and to introduce a new C Grade. In essence the D Grade and new C Grade follow the FEIContinue Reading

Well done to all the Vaulters who competed at this year’s National Championship. It was great to see everyone again and to experience the ‘gees’ of Champs. Here are the individual results for the various classes. Please note that the SANESA results will be posted on the SANESA website: Reading

The first day of competition is over. Well done to all the Vaulters. The Provisional Compulsory results are: E Grade Individual Provisional Compulsory score Quinn Luden 4,260 Giana Gonzaga 5,671 Shiloh Smith 5,556 Mila Davison 5,715 Jordyn Braum 6,032 Chiara Feinberg 5,193 Goldi Goodman 5,475 Mignonne Venter 5,425 Charys RudlingContinue Reading