VASA membership is divided into 2 sections, namely Member Registration, and Horse Registration.

Choose the highest grade that you wish to compete in during the year (it is possible to upgrade your membership during the year).  If you are competing in a graded class please make sure that you are registered and are a paid-up member of the South African Equestrian Federation and a correctly Constituted Club before registering with VASA.  Lungers, Officials and Council Members also need to be registered with a Club and the South African Equestrian Federation.

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Membership TypeAmountClubSAEFNumber Registration
Recreational / Training R220.50YesYes 
E Grade Vaulter Child / Junior R275.63YesYesR110.25
E Grade Vaulter Senior R352.80YesYesR110.25
D-A Grade Vaulter Child / Junior R551.25YesYesR110.25
D-A Grade Vaulter Senior R583.80YesYesR110.25
Temporary Max 1 Event per yearR110.25YesYes 
Temporary Max 2 Events per yearR220.50YesYes 
Lunger Level 1R352.80YesYes 
Lunger Level 2R584.33YesYes 
Council MembersR110.25YesYes