Africa Cup 2021

Gauteng Vaulting (together with VASA) is excited to announce that the Group IX Africa Vaulting Cup will be held in Kyalami from 23 to 27 April 2021.  We are fortunate that permission has been granted to host this show as a CVI1* and CVI2* Event – open to all Group IX participants.

There is an exciting array of activities for our vaulters, coaches and officials prior to the show.

For those vaulters who want an opportunity to represent Team South Africa – please have a look at the Selection Criteria and complete the Expression of Interest Form.  The Schedule for the Africa Cup will be published at the end of October 2020 and the classes offered include E Grade (Individual and Squad), D Grade (Individual and Squad), Walk Pairs, C Grade (Individual, Pas-de-Deux and Squad) and B Grade (Individual, Pas-de-Deux and Squad).

The International Judge for the Africa Cup is Rob de Bruin and he will be accompanied by Jacques Ferrari – the International Coach for the Africa Cup.  We are fortunate that Jacques is also a FEI Vaulting Judge and he will also officiate at the CVI, along with Rob and Dalibor Blazek.

Please familiarise yourselves with the Group IX Africa Cup Vaulting Rules.  These have been updated and will be following the FEI Vaulting World Challenge Rules – where applicable.

For any further information please contact Michelle Blaauw ( or Janine Turner (

Janine Turner
Author: Janine Turner

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