In Vaulting there are basically two officials (excluding the Veterinarian):  the Vaulting Judge and the Vaulting Steward.

Vaulting Steward

In essence – the Vaulting Steward is the official tasked with ensuring that the Vaulting Rules are adhered to (either the National Rules or the FEI Vaulting Rules if it is an international show – CVI).  At all times the Steward must ensure a level playing field for the competitors and also ensure that the Horse welfare is in line with the National and/or International Rules and Regulations.  The motto of the Steward is ‘HELP – PREVENT – INTERVENE’.

The current Vaulting Stewards in South Africa are:

NamePanel/LevelCell NoEmail
Western Cape
Danielle PienaarFEI 3*
South African Vaulting Stewards, 2021

Vaulting Judge

The Vaulting Judge is responsible, in chief, for scoring the exercises performed by the Vaulters (all Tests are scored by the Vaulting Judge) and also scoring the performance of the Horse and Lunger.  As a member of the Ground Jury – the Vaulting Judge also shares the responsibility for the technical running of the Event according to the conditions of the approved Schedule and in accordance with the relevant Rules and Regulations.

The Vaulting Association of South Africa has its own Judge’s qualification program (Criteria and Guidelines).  Please contact Shelley Paveley (National Judges Panel) regarding course dates or for further information.

The current Vaulting Judges in South Africa are:

Janine Turner2*
Shelley PaveleyNational
KwaZulu Natal
Gill Holm2*
Western Cape
Hilde OcenasekNational
Jacqui TucknissNational
Steffi TaylorNational
South African Vaulting Judges, 2021